Lighting at High Altitudes

I’m getting some really weird lighting in the interior of my spaceship at high altitudes. I’m attempting to build a spaceship that can fly quite high over the horizon (which is going swimmingly despite this rendering bug). My controlled spaceship is dynamic, but my “parked” spaceship is immobile (to take advantage of per-polygon collision).

This doesn’t look like a bug, but rather just an artifact of the type of lighting being used.

Can you provide some details for how you’ve set this up.

I need the lighting details panel information to see what settings have been changed for your directional light.

I also need to know the world location (XYZ) of your mesh that is causing the issue. I can then place a mesh here and see if I can reproduce and offer some tips that would better help you with this.

Thank you!


World Location X: -112,000 Y: -280,000 Z: 1,072,372

Any word on this?

No update at the moment. I’ve not had time to test this as of late, since this isn’t a bug and we’ve been working with the 4.8 Preview release to get that pushed out.

I’ll look into this as soon as I’m able to offer some better tips to reduce the artifacts.

Thanks for your patience.