Lighting Artifact on Skeletal Mesh Interior when Scaled Down

I have a large skeletal mesh, with an explorable interior. The exterior of the skeletal mesh is lit appropriately. The inside is dark and shadowed appropriately with the scale set to 1.0, however, if the actor is scaled down to 0.2, there are lighting artifacts throughout the interior (See attached images).

Anyone know the cause of these artifacts? Would rather scale the skeletal mesh down than scale the whole scene up.

Side note: This mesh is a placeholder for a large animated heart skeletal mesh. As such, the following solutions would not work for this situation…

  • Increasing thickness of walls (gotta stay anatomically correct)
  • Using a static mesh (must be animated)

If you happen upon this issue, and are able to use a static mesh or increase your wall thickness… those are also viable solutions!

(Scale 1.0)

(Scale 0.2)