Lightimass problems

I deleted all my lights in my maps then rebaked and some parts of the lighting still shows as if my lights are still there. Any reason what is causing this?

Help. Anybody?

Could you post a picture, because probably you mean the skylight or a emissive part of a mesh (material) :slight_smile:

Here are some pics. There are no lights here but when I bake theses objects light up for some reason. As for the materials, these objects have just a basic diffuse. No emissive

This looks the same when you play the level? + do you also have a post process volume in your level?

I have a PP Volume on it and I didn’t check it in game yet but ill do that now. But you know what. I think it might be because of the Environment color intensity is pretty high. I just found out that environment color still will light the object even when no lights exists.