Light Wont Build 4.9

When i put the program to build light it stops at 80% every time, the project have little stuff, is an HDR that i’m using as a skybox, to boxes, one that use as floor and another for some blueprint test and study, i’m just creating some stuff for gear vr but everytime i put a build there everything is black, and i can only see the HDR, any ideias? thanks

Hello WasPedro,

Thank you for very much for reporting this issue to us. This is a known issue that we are currently in the process of investigating. This is indeed a bug.

The ticket number is UE - 20782.

Thank you,

is there anything i can do now? the project got kinda stuck because of this bug and i kinda need some temporary fix for this :frowning:

Hello WasPedro,

Make a copy of your project before doing this.

You can see if deleting your Intermediate, Saved, and Derived Data Cache folders from your project directory. This will force the engine to rebuild your project with your assets.

The only other option is to reconstruct your project in a blank one using the assets from your original.