light spots after buidling

according to my light density its fine ?

hello there,

i recently made a scene and added lights in to it at first everything was fine but now when i build my light i get weird circles (spots) of light on walls that are not even in the light zone and also on object in the light radius. Hope somebody can help me because i want to continue with working hope its not a 4.19 bug


No, it’s not a bug but wrong settings!
Those strange shadow/light shapes are because of low lightmap resolution!

  • Make sure your Static Mesh has its own lightmap UV channel (2nd UV channel)
  • You can generate one in UE4 but its better to create one in your 3d modeling app
  • Check lightmap resolution and increase it
  • Open Static Mesh Editor for that Static Mesh and set “Lightmap Coordinate Index” to “1” (see image)
  • Rebuild your lights