Light Splotches on the end of each internal walls


Hi people, i’m getting this light splotches on each internal end of walls after build lights, i’m using a blueprint with the entire house made on pieces, and mounted inside this blueprint, the mode is static, and all the pieces have a seccond uv map with the separated faces… what is this problem?


Felipe Marceu

Try upping your lightmap resolution and baking with production quality lighting.

I raise the lightmap resolution on ue4 or on max uv size ?:cool:

In UE4, raise the lightmap resolution or use dynamic lights. :cool:

When raising the lightmap resolution doesnt work, take a look at this site: There you can find common lightproblems that appear in UDK (it’s nearly the same in the UE4)

Here are some lightmap resolutions that you can try out:


I know that’s the first thing you look into, but do walls have thikness?

Also, make sure that the walls line up in the corners, if there’s a bit of the wall that goes outside of the corner and it gets illumination from the sunlight then it will light up those pixels of the lightmap and it can bleed like that onto the inside.

Thanks people, it’s solved, really was the resolution, was 32, now with 512 is so much better and the light problems inside the rooms solved too… :smiley: