Light/Shadow Problem

Hey guys !

I’ve got some issues with my light/shadow and this time i’m really lost, i don’t know what to try now… My whole scene is outside, i have a directional light, a skylight & a lightmass volume. I didn’t change anything but the light color from skylight (cause it was so blue :<).

My problem is : My character has a shield (and some other weapons) and they all have a problem with light/shadow and the character is… meh, fine, have to tweak specular etc but seems fine. So the biggest problem come from my shield. When you hold a shield, the part facing my character is bright and the part facing the enemy is completely black. I used these models some months ago on 4.14 i don’t remember this sort of issue (maybe i changed something that i don’t remember of, its possible >.<’).

I’ve tried to change from build from preview to production, nothing changed. Tried to change lightmap resolution, same. Tried to add a point light, if i stand close to it, the black part was slightly better but still got that invert light/shadow. … I don’t think that i have tried anything else, i have checked the lightmap density and it is strange, like, there is no color that i’m aware of (like blue is too low, green is ok, red is too much). Here is a screenshot.
So if you have any idea that could help me, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: (& i beg you ! :D)

No color on the map density is because your character is set to movable or stationary. And problems can be if your lights sets to static so they not make any shadows from movable or stationary objects.

Eeeh, my lights are sets to Movable :frowning: and dynamic shadow is check on mesh