Light Propagation Volumes vs Lightmass for GI

Looking forward to Lumen when light baking will be a thing of the past but in the meantime…

Any lighting experts able to tell me the difference between using Lightmass for GI and Light Propagation Volumes?
When do you use one over the other?

The documentation only implies that you shouldn’t use both at the same time.

Hi, Lightmass means static lightning, so everything is baked into lightmaps. Light Propagation Volume is dynamic so you don’t bake anything there.

LPV is abandoned, and replaced with lumen in UE5. Lightmass is static, LPV is dynamic, works on anything, but requires extremely thick walls and is a bit heavy, and Lumen is dynamic, works on static meshes/ISM, no skeletal/custom meshes, and is similar in quality to lightmass, but can easily take up a third or more of your frame budget.