Light problem after i build it

hello, i am very new to lighting, and i have this problem when i build lighting, i found and tried many things but nothing fixed it

This vid has the solution ( probably )…

hello, it didn’t fix the main problem but it fixed other small problem, thanks for answering

Update: i didn’t find out the problem yet but i found some more info. if the light hits the walls, the walls change a bit like how they should be, but these things like “artifacts” stay there.

Ok, do you have a importance volume around the lot and try ( lightmass settings ) setting indirect lighting scale to 0.1-0.15 and 0.6 for smoothness.

hello, it didn’t fix the problem, but thanks for answering. also check the screenshots in the comments Update 1 and Update 2

Update 2: i added a cube and it works fine, also i moved the back wall inside the room, built the lighting and for the specific wall it fixed

It did fix your problem, but now you have another problem. Your original problem as meshes shading differently, I don’t see that now.

That kind of square pattern on the wall, I have no idea how to get rid of that. Maybe re-post with a new subject…