Light making screen dark

Hi. I was wondering how to get rid of the light effect when you stare at emissive colour or light to stop it from making everything around it dark like this

. and keep it so you can see everything like so

any help would be helpful <3

it could be due to the exposure setting. try setting the exposure to a set value as shown in the picture below. if that doesnt work (may only work in editor) then you will need to change the exposure setting in the post process and or the player camera.

doesnt seem to be working anything else you might think will work??

open your character or camera and in the details panel search for exposure, then in the auto exposure section enable the min and max brightness and set them to a number that is very close to the same (the same number may work too as seen in the picture).

you may need to twak the values there to get teh effect you want. making the vlaues closer just helps to eliminate teh auto exposure effect, but you may need to to adjust the exposure to suit your scene. the lower the number the more exposed the image, so if you need your scene to be brighter use lower numbers.

ty it worked