Light Leaks using 3ds max... aec walls and box roof..... any pointers?

I usually construct my walls using aec extended walls within autodesk 3dsmax And use a box for the roofs. The first floor lighting is good but when i goto the second light is seeping through badly.

I have no idea what you’re trying to show in these images.

Rather than blurry cell phone camera shots that are very hard to see what you mean, I suggest you use the PrtScr button on your keyboard, and then open mspaint and paste the image there. Use drawing tools in red or pink to call out what you think is the problem. Then post the images on some sharing service where you can insert them into this forum software.

In general, with light mapped lighting, it’s important to have a good importance volume (that includes the light!) and it’s also important to have fully-welded geometry. The light mapper can make sure corners have the right light when it’s fully welded; if you just intersect slabs of geometry, there will be a small sliver of “leaking” along that intersection.

This is the weirdest forum ever, like… seriously… WTF is this!!!

Are you working for one of those outsources companies where you’re not allowed internet connection? Other than that I can’t think of any reason why you would post these awkwardly-rotated blurry monitor photos.

without actually being able to see anything, I’d say your first thing to check is that you actually have double-sided walls and that they have some depth to them and arent just planes with two sides…