Light is coming through meshes!

Like you see on the image below the sunlight is coming hrough the walls.
I created the modular walls with blender. Can anyone help me?
In the room is no point light or something like that.

I guess you’re messes are thin and light is coming through them. Try to give them some thickness or make a shell outside so that it covers your structure and then put a lightmass surrounding your scene and then try. It should work

Thank you for the anwser. If i make a shell outside there are weird reflections in the room… I already have a lightmass importance volume arround it and I tried to add thickness but still the same result. My last try is to make a new wall, and add thickness at the beginning and reimport the mesh. Any other ideas?

How did you setup the room? Is it a cube with it’s normals reversed, like this?

Then you should try “Shadow Two Sided”. You’ll find it in the Details Tab under Lighting.

To see the result, you need to build the lighting.

EDIT: Ignore my question, I failed to see you mentioned modular walls, still, “shadow two sided” could be what you are looking for.

Thank you! It worked :slight_smile:

Glad I could help!