Light is bleeding through BSP

So I have a point light beside a wall (BSP) like this

but the light is still come to the floor through the wall

I have some other bleed

I already change the resolution of the BSP and still doesn’t work

Thank you :slight_smile:

I already try to change Shadow Filter Sharpen to 1 and Contact Shadow Lenght to 0.1 and nothing happen :frowning:

In the first two screenshots, you need the wall to go slightly past the floor level. The lower the better. If it’s intersecting perfectly with the floor, it’s not good. It needs to go lower than it.

In the second set of screenshots, I think you need to also extend the wall that’s perpendicular to wall that’s displaying the light bleed (looking at the last screenshot). It needs to push into the other wall quite a bit, or you could just break the wall that’s displaying the bleed into two sections instead of one, to isolate them better.

already tried that but still doesn’t work

anyway I actually fix it by change it to static light

thanks anyway for your answer :slight_smile:

I see. But if your character goes near it, it won’t cast a shadow. Static lights get “baked in” into the UV Channel 2 of the wall texture whenever you build your lighting. But if you’re ok with that, cool.

Have you tried turning on shadows for the light? also try splitting the surface so that it doesn’t share two rooms, one wall per room.