Light doesn't render in mobile preview

All the lightings in my project can not be rendered either on my iphone or “mobile preview.”
I can see the light is on in the “selected viewport.”
All the lights are static.
Here are the images.
The first image is on the “selected viewport view”
The second image is on the “mobile preview”

Hi 7lc -

From your images it looks like some light is actually rendering, or you would not be able to see the player mannequin. It does look like you are going fully rough in your material setup, which would get rid of the reflective highlights on the mannequin. What is the settings you are using for your Wall Material and what is your Skydome’s setup, are you using one or just Atmospheric Fog? Also what is your Skylight settings, are you using one? Finally just to confirm, you are developing on a Mac, can you let us know what OS you are on?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric! Thank you for the reply.
Yes, you are right. I didn’t add any material to the wall and mannequin.
I was using Atmospheric Fog, directional light and skylight with only the light intensity was changed. Other light details were on default setting. I just found out that atmospheric fog doesn’t work on mobiles. Thus, I added Exponential Height Fog, but I still get the same result. I also added material to the Wall with basic colors. As you can see it is still black. The skylight and directional light are working with all default setting. I am new to UE4, so I don’t understand what Skydome’s setup is. I am using OS X El Captain 10.11.4Beta version. Could you please tell me how to solve it? Thanks a lot

Hey 7lc,

So in order to assist you effectively, can you reproduce this issue in a blank Third Person Project with the Targeted Hardware set to mobile, and without starter content?

This issue could be caused by the fact you have not set up your project as ‘Mobile’ targeted platform, so your project’s rendering is getting messed up. Could you also provide me with the mobile device you are using so I can replicate the issue on my end accurately when it comes time to test?

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


Hi Andrew, I did what you said. I started a new blank project without starter content. It works. Thank you very much! I am testing this project with iphone 5s.