Light color changes when I hit "play"

I’ve made torches for my scene.
It’s a simple blueprint: 2-part mesh (torch with no shadow casting and base with shadow casting); stationary light source to illuminate a smaller area around the torch, to cast dynamic shadows and to dynamically change light intensity, simulating flickering; static light to illuminate larger area and to create global illumination.

The construction script is just this:

The even graph:

Both lights use temperature for color (2000 K).

However, I’ve encountered a weird issue.
I’ve placed these torches throughout my scene. All is fine… except for couple of them that change light color whenever I hit “play”.
Here’s what I mean.

Torches on the scene:

Hit “play”. Now watch the pair on the left side:

All the torches work as intended except for the two on the left. The light color lost some saturation.

Probably no one would’ve noticed that, but I find it very bizarre. And wondering what causes this?
At first I thought that I somehow messed up those two torches on the left. So I deleted them and replaced with new ones. However after building the light, the color was still changing in that specific area.

Side by side comparison:

What could be the reason for that?

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I figured out what was going on.
The problem was obvious, but I have overlooked it completely.

I had a reflection sphere right behind the wall that was changing light color. And it’s influence was greater than of the spheres in the middle of the room.

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