Light builds giving different results.

I have a small scene in UE4, lighting set up exactly how I want it, but every so often i’ll add a static mesh into the scene, build lighting and the result comes out differently. The scene is supposed to be bright, but the result will be very dark and the colors will be different, for example, it’s supposed to be very warm, so lights are yellow but after I build they will appear blueish.

This also seems to happen when I change the lighting quality. I’ll have my scene rendered at production quality and it’ll look great, i’ll lower it to preview, it wont look as great, but when I bump it back up to production, my results are still very similar to preview and my original production results are gone with no way to get them back without reloading the scene. I don’t fiddle with any settings except for the lighting quality.

Am I missing something here?

What engine scalability settings are you on? You might want to try “Epic” quality and see if it helps. If you are already on it you can try rebuilding the lights. I have had some darkened lights with low engine scalability settings. I hope this helps.

My quality is set to “Epic”. It’s really strange. I added a single decal to my floor and after the bake everything goes dark, remove it and everything is fine.