Light Bounce Issue with VXGI

I’ve downloaded the Unreal 4.19VXGI Build Engine from the Github. I was trying to do an Architectural related project into the Engine, but i am stuck at a problem I have been facing since the last couple of days with the lighting. I’ve inserted the Post Process Volume in it and change few settings of VXGI, but the problem is when i zoom away from the mesh, all the bouncing light as well as the indirect light disappears (as you can see in Image 1). And when i zoom into the mesh, the number of light bouncing increases (as shown in Image 2).
I’ve been trying to find the solution of this problem over the internet, but i was unable to find the solution of it. Also i don’t exactly know what the problem is. Is it about the vxgi or about the PPV or my mesh. Someone please help!!
alt text

The indirect light disappears because VXGI has limited range of its effect. You can see that range by switching the view mode to either VXGI Opacity Voxels or VXGI Emittance Voxels. The range can be increased using the r.VXGI.VoxelSize and r.VXGI.MapSizeX/Y/Z variables, but for this scene a better solution is to place a VXGI Anchor actor somewhere near the building.

Thank you so much man!! People like you are like God for the beginners like me. I’ve been stuck at that for days, and now, because of you, i finally solved that problem. Thanks Bro…