Light bleed point light on BSP

Hello, I have a problem.

The light is on the other side of wall but it is still visible in other room. There are no holes between wall and cailling. Both wall and cailling are BSP. I have tried changing the lightmap resolution for wall and cailing from 32 to 2 but i didn’t help. Also I have changed the thickness of cailling to 50cm but still no effects.
Also I checked the use two-side checkbox on wall and cailling. Before that I had the same problem on wall, but know it only shows on cailing.
Is there a way to stop light bleeding in this situation?

Hello JaroMast,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue and so far I am unable to. Some things you can try is to increase the default lightmap resolution from the default 4 to something like 256 or 512. I would double check to make sure that the ceiling meets the wall. I would even move it down a little bit so that it overlaps slightly just to make sure.

You may also try decreasing the attenuation radius of your light so that it is restricted to the other room. You can see the circle showing this when you have the light selected. It bleeds into this room.

After trying both these troubleshoots let me know if either of them fix your issue. I will then continue to investigate this issue at that time.

Ok i found the problem, one of the bleeding light was crossed. As I read that light should be threated as dynamic light. Looks like the crossed light are passing through walls and cailing. I had to change the type of crossed light to fixed it.