Light baking Artifacts

The Source Radius of the first light (at right in the scene) is almost half that of the second light (one with spotty artifacts), yet look to cover about the same amount of space. Could it be the 3D lamp model contains holes or incorrect geometry or something? The light coming from it looks dimmed at least a bit too, which would imply it is going through the lampshade.

As a note, the World Lightmass settings, when set to Static Level Scale of 0.1 are typically modified to adjust for the smaller, more detailed scale by increasing Indirect Lighting Quality to 10, though it could require less. And adding 1-3 extra bounces of indirect lighting (not skylight, though it might help too) might produce more lighting data to get accurate results. And adjusting smoothness to a bit lower than 1, or a bit higher can also produce improved results. Not sure whether it’ll work in that scene, though.

Hi guys! How can i fix those light artifacts?
Is it because if the light? It’s the same point light like the right one.


Thanks for the help!


What quality build is this? …higher than preview?
I’ve seen things like this when the light was intersecting a mesh… Are you sure it’s not touching the lamp mesh but floating freely? Are you using transparent materials? Do you have lightmassimportancevolume covering your whole house?

Great it’s fixed! As presto suggested, it was the lamp model, the light was inside the bulb and it was creating weird artefacts because of “Cast shadows” on the lamp bulb mesh lol, weird… But thank you guys! It looks better now, any tips on how to fix those weird pixel lights and muddy “shades” on the walls and roof though?

Try decreasing Static Lighting Level Scale in World settings, then increase quality (up to 1.5 or 2 to start, unless Static Scale is 0.1…in which case set it to 10) and decrease Smoothness a bit. That’s suggested in a number of sources about getting rid of those artifacts. However, it’s not the only solution. Another option, which could be added to anything else utilized, is Lightmass Portals around the windows. Is there a Lightmass Importance Volume around the main area of the level?


Did you find the error? I’m having issues like those black and white pixels, but I didn’t find the error yet.

I have Lightmass, lightportal and did a bake in production, nothing seems to work. In my case it is weird because i have a really high wall and its like a line from bottom to top of this kind of pixels.