Library [Vault] Sorting & Filter Options

With the evolution of the Epic Launcher to include a game store and beyond. Its getting near the time where an indepth sorting function for the UE Library would prove useful, now that we have monthly free releases and a substantial amount of content in the UE Store.

Possible Sorting Functions:

  • Sort by Alphabet
  • Sort by Recently Updated
  • Sort by Recent Purchases/Additions
  • Sort by Recent Installation
  • Sort by Engine Compatibility

In addition to sorting, the ability to filter by Category would be helpful. Ex: Props/Meshes, Audio/Music, Animation, etc. Pretty much the filters applied by the creator in the Store, should be filtered in the Vault.


This would be very useful. My Vault is growing at a very fast pace (over 130). right now its just a wall of stuff.
Would also be helpful to have a way to organize the “My Projects” as well

I’d also like the ability to filter cached items, so it’s easier to delete local content.

I would love to be able to organize my asset packs with custom categories (or something like folders) so i can sort them myself.

I’m also hoping for an eventual addition if some sort of filter or, preferably, a sectional system like the Steam games library where I can make sub-sections and put certain UE assets into custom categories.

A redesign with these kinds of features is in the works. I have no information on the timing of it rolling out, however.

Hi is a Vault filter option still in the works? it will be a really useful feature for people who are growing their vault library both from purchased and free content

Behold as I raise the dead. This is as needed today as it was nearly 4 years ago. I have over a hundred assets and it’s a NIGHTMARE to try and go through them. PLEASE add a filter option!

A user tagging system would also be very helpful to organize assets. What about a list view that has sortable columns? Much faster display of assets and detail pages. There’s so much left to be desired UX wise.

Here are some more thoughts or questions rather:

  1. Why can’t we select multiple engine versions for a plugin when we hit ‘Install to Engine’? Instead we have to wait until the download and installation for one engine has been completed.
  2. Why isn’t the UI showing if a plugin has been installed and also if installed which engine versions are using it right now?
  3. Why can’t we choose whether a plugin should be installed to a specific engine or a project?
  4. Why is there no “Update All / Everything” button? Instead we have to hunt down almost unnoticeable small orange dots in an overly orange UI. Also, updating already installed plugins happens in a special menu at the top where you see installed engines BUT the plugin is still showing an orange info dot even after the update was installed. You have to find and click the info dot to get rid of it.
  5. Why does the Marketplace have categories but after purchase we are left with a huge bunch of EVERYTHING?
  6. Why can’t we just download assets to cache without having to choose “Create Project” or “Add To Project”. I’m working on multiple workstations and use a shared vault directory on a NAS.
  7. Why does a failed download abort / clear the whole download queue? This is extremely annoying!
  8. Why does the “Add To Project” dialog not remember my last directory location? It’s not fun having to navigate over and over and over and over to the same location again!
  9. Why are plugin and non-plugin assets put into one list? I think it would make a lot more sense to have them in two separate lists. We actually have three types that probably deserve their own distinct list: Projects, Engine Plugins, Assets.

That’s very good ! thanks a lot for that, impatiently waiting for it.

This all day long. It’s hard to believe that there isn’t even a basic sort function. The asset names in the vault aren’t always the same as in the store. I have a couple hundred assets and trying to find one is time consuming without a means of sorting. Most critically when I’ve purchased new assets, I have to look through the hundreds of items in my Vault for the ones that I just bought.

I also really like the idea someone mentioned of being able to create custom folders or flags as well. I also waste time trying to install an asset I’d already installed into a project, so being able to associate them with projects would be a huge plus.

Just got Unreal and started learning it. As a newbie, I got all the free content I could find on the marketplace and came to my vault to see a huge chunk of items with no way to organize them. I thought I was missing something and googled it to find this thread. It would genuinely be nice to sort all the items based on above mentioned filters AS WELL AS the option to create folders to manually organize them.

For example I got all the Paragon characters and instead of seeing them all separate, I could make a folder inside vault called Paragon and add all of them in it so whenever I need a character I don’t have to go find it (I can’t remember the exact names of the items for all the items so the searchbar is not helpful).

Having said all this, MASSIVE THANK YOU to epic for such a fantastic piece of software and releasing SO MUCH PREMIUM FREE STUFF! Can’t wait to learn it all and create awesome art!

We really need this feature, maybe even filters like unreal engine plugins etc among what already been said

Sounds really good. I am one of the guys with 1.000 market place assets. And without filtering is a pain in the ***.
Also features like

  • "filter all assets which are flagged with updates",
  • filter all assets which are not used in an project already” (to see all assets which are not cached in the vault and not used directly)
    … would be all very, very, very helpful!

Also the filter the topic creator says would be great:

  • Sort by Recently Updated
  • Sort by Recent Purchases/Additions
  • Sort by Recent Installation

Agreed, sorting is badly needed. Especially when the launcher performs like a slideshow and takes forever to scroll.

Filter, Folders, Categories, user defined, etc. For both projects and assets.

Even moving the launcher window is a pain. It’s performing at around 3 FPS or less on my 16 core cpu machine. Something is just very wrong with this program.

Just a random thought:

Another way of tackling this huge pain with the current launcher/vault thing would be to give us the specs about how the vault files are organized (file format, paths, etc.). The community could then build their own management application.

Is there anything planned that we can anticipate in the future? It feels like we’ll never get this sorted to be honest.

Would be nice to get an official update on what the status is. Are we going to see something that will finally solve this problem this year?

I recently came across this interesting repo: GitHub - Allar/ue4-mp-downloader: Shell utility to download owned assets from the UE4 marketplace.

I’d go an build a GUI client for this with nice sorting capabilities right away … but … I fear all my work would go down the drain instantly if Epic ever changes this (publicly unsupported) API.

Agree, the launcher need definitly some improvements. A delete button at least is needed. It is a real pain just to remove content from the vault.