Level Streaming disables precomputed visibility culling

I am currently working on Android game so Precomputed Visiblity is a must to have a decent amount of draw call. I switched map loading system to streaming levels instead of “open map_name” to have loading screen between level transition however streaming levels disables culling!


This is InitViews for a map when opened directly


This is InitViews for a map loaded through level streaming Occluded primitives equals 0 whereas on first screenshot it’s 311.

What I am doing wrong? I use Load Stream Level with Make Visible After Load true. My setup looks like that. Game starts on Persistent map which is empty map that streams in Titlescreen map, here player can select a map. Upon clicking a button of a map playable map is loaded and title screen map is unloaded.
My maps are fully build so what’s causing that? Is it a bug?