Level BP Area Interact

Hello, i’ve been creating a house and i have created a some spotlights that activate by press E on light switch, and now i’ve been creating a light system to another room, and when i press E on the other actor all the lights turn on, but i don’t need it, i need that just turn on the lights of the light switch of the room. I made all this interactions with lights in the level blueprint, and i need to use the same button to turn on the lights, but in different lightswitch

Thanks for your attention.

Hello Kasyad, Welcome to Answerhub!

Best practice would be to create a lightswitch blueprint and assign lights to that BP.

If you insist on continuing with creating the functionality in the Level BP, you may be able to get away with using Trigger Volumes (Overlap Events) and opening/closing "Gate" nodes to drive the logic.

Hope that helps!