Let light ignore geometry inside Blueprint

Thanks man really helped me out, it’s not the easiest way because you need to enable the other light channel on all the other lights. Or can I enable it somewhere globally? But works like I want it to be. Thanks a lot <3

Is it somehow possible to let a point light ignore static meshes or components inside the blueprint? (and with ignore I mean that the mesh does not get affected in any way by the point light). Because I still want the light to cast shadows as well as the mesh…

Thanks in advance

That’s a good question. The only thing I see is putting the Static Mesh into another Light Channel or just disabling the light channel (which can be found in the Static Mesh Details Tab under lighting) <3

Did you get any better solution? It’s really a big change working with more light channel.
I have just a point light above the head of my player character mesh (character BP) and want to shine some light with it. But it should not affect the character mesh itself, only all meshes around the player BP. Using channel, I have to change all light and/or all objects for specific channels. Any “somewhat” easy way to solve this?

Of course all other lights in the world should affect the character mesh.

no, afaik this is still the only way, sadly.

Thank you. Then I will stick with a workaround and place some spot light around the player mesh, which all point away from the mesh.
It’s not the same, but changing all light channel on all objects is too much of work.
Also if you forget two change something when adding new meshes you will have a bug on lightning directly.
If someone read this question and has another good idea how to ignore the “mesh of a blueprint” of a “point light in the same blueprint”, would be nice to hear something.

Edit: this was a bad idea, turned out that looks incredible bad when being close to walls. So, no solution at the moment.

I have the same “problem”:
It seems really a big workaround to change all light channel on all lights (or on all static meshes, both would work) for just want to ignore 1 mesh of 1 light. Also could produce a bug, when your forget to switch on 2nd light channel on a light.

If somebody knows at least a way to configure this globally, perhaps 2nd light channel as default on all existing and all future lights, would be nice to know.
Also would be nice to know if this have a notable performance impact.

Perhaps a solution could be using emissive materials instead a “normal” UE4 light source?

Light Propagation Volume now works with Emissive Material!! - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums!!=