Legendary RPG Kit Part 1 - Stats , classes, races, XP , character creation and more

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Hello again,

After quite a bit of work I am finally ready to talk about my new project that aims to provide an extremely easy to use and customizable complete RPG Kit so everyone with a bit of imagination can go and create his/her very own new Skyrim, Witcher or Dark Souls dream RPG. But because that’s such a daunting task , I have decided to split it into multiple packs that will be fully usable as stand alone products but will also be fully compatible and synergize with one another.

The first pack is probably the most important for an RPG game : The ability and stat system , coupled with a fully working XP and character creation system. I will add more screenshots as i polish up the UI but for now let me just list some of the features :

  • Complete character creation system with gender, race, class selection, 2 different stat assignment systems ( players will have a limited amount of points they can invest in stats and another very customizable random stat generation system with customizable upper and lower bounds and stat budget values ).
  • Easily create and import custom stats , races,genders,classes,attributes just by adding them in the csv files ( complete with default values,names,descriptions,icons and more).
  • Everything needed in one component that can be easily attached to any character to instantly give them access to stats and the XP system.
  • Customizable stat modifiers based on gender,race and class ( for example a warrior has +2 strength but -2 intelligence, while a dwarf has +2 constitution but -2 dexterity).
  • Custom made functions for easy stat manipulation like : increase/decrease selected stat/attribute permanently or temporary by desired value, get stat/attribute by id or name , restore stat to default value, increase/decrease cap of stat and a ton more.
  • Customize your character name and portrait.
  • Easily editable XP system with fully customizable xp values for each level ( can be done directly inside excel). Customizable amount of stats gained per level.
  • Character level-up screen complete with a stat assignment system.
  • Derived stats ( health,mana,hunger,stamina,carry limit) that are linked to base stats so they increase automatically when the base stats increase ( fully customizable though so even though you have the option to link them you can still make them stand alone and handle them separately).
  • Stats directly linked to various player controller attributes ( move speed, jump distance etc - amount of influence can be customized from zero to whatever you choose).
  • Functional health, stamina,mana and hunger system with regenerating/degenerating stats ( health,mana and stamina constantly regenerate but hunger constantly degenerates).

There is probably more here but I will list it as soon as I add the graphics. The pack is now content complete and I am currently working on cleaning it up and arranging the blueprints and adding a nice UI to go with it and commenting everything while also preparing the documentation for it.

Hopefully it should be ready to submit by the end of this month. If you have any feedback let me know.

Some Screens :

This is going to be cool! Any screenshots or YOUTUBE videos to check out until you get it shipped? Thanks.


Thanks for the kind words. I will be gradually adding more screenshots as i polish stuff up so expect the first batch of them to surface the following days :slight_smile:

Add a combat system and I’m sold (put any price you want)

If he’s going to break up his system into multiple packs, combat should logically be a separate pack, maybe the second?
I would love to see something like:

  1. Character creation and stats
  2. Combat - Action and Turn Based
  3. Loot


Also, because it’s a modular design, I hope you set sweet pricepoint, allowing folks to buy and choose from the selection (in future of course) to suit their needs. Maybe have have a final all in one pack down the line.
If your release is solid, and I hope it is, I hope your plans to make future packs compliment and work together with one another works out smoothly, as you’ll have folks happily subscribed to the whole thing.

Eagerly awaiting screenshots and video.

Would really love to hear more about the modular approach you are looking to accomplish. Did you already tried this? If so, can you share some of the technical background?

Such a RPG system is quite a lot to take on, good luck with your project :slight_smile:

There will be one.But unfortunately it will probably be further down to be released because it is the most complex and time consuming aspect of the pack. I did a few quick mock ups of it and while the result was promising , i decided that for it to reach the quality i would want, I would need quite a few combat animations for the system and even though i have contacted some of the animation vendors on the marketplace in order to license some of the animations for use in my pack , they have been rather uncooperative so I will need to find a freelancer to make them for me. And that takes time and money. So the better the packs leading up to the combat one do, the more time and resources will i be able to dedicate to the combat one.

Well just to give you a rough idea of what i plan to create (hopefully in that order ) : Character Creation+ Stats , Inventory + ActionBar + Looting system , Spellmaker ( similar to the one in Morrowind ), Journal +Quest+Dialogue system , Combat system , Map system . Again it’s a lot of work and i may or may not have time to complete them all but it’s my current plan.

Regarding combat, I did consider trying both an action and a turn based system but there are already 2 Turn based ones on the market and i did check them out and i don;t feel i would have much to add to them so it’s probably not worth the time to develop another one that is so similar,but we will see.

And yea that is the plan, to price them all at decent prices, make them be fully functional as stand alone kits and then release an all-in-one solution that will have everything and be cheaper than buying them individually. But based omn the progress here that is something that will be by the end of the year if lucky.

Well it’s not a lot to talk about. When i was scoping the project i realised it will take way too much time to do all at once and the risk of people not liking it when it’s done is greater the longer it takes. So i decided to split it up into stand alone packs that would contain features that any game could use,not just and RPG. Things like journal system and an inventory and a combat system and so on can be used in multiple non rpg games. So I took the systems i already had and separated them and made each stand alone and added additional features to them.
As for the compatibility in mind , i plan to have checkboxes on individual components that the players can tick if they have one or more of the other compatible packs so it unlocks additional functions if that is the case. I did some fast testing and it seems to work ok on a small scale at least.

Also gratz on your RPG kit. One of the reasons I made mine is because I only saw your pack on the market and while it’s really cool kit to build an action rpg, i was looking for a more old school exploration based rpg like morrowind with a bigger focus on skills, stats,attributes,exploration that intense combat.

Hey axell699

An All-In-One solution for a RPG framework. Finally, It’s all what I want, thank you axell699. If you achieve this, you are awesome! Is very difficult integrate different base codes or blueprints. Usually integrating diferents blueprints becomes a very messy and horrible work for non programmers, for this reason an all-in-one is a great solution.

Speaking about animations for combat system, turn and action, you only need placeholders. Animations (like assets imported via fbx) is not important for me, I can create my own animations.

I think could be better for your package the logic for combat system using prototiping slots for attachable custom weapons exposing various fields for custom animations, effects and meshs. In other words you could be providing logic for fully functional placeholders classes and childs classes with fields for damage configuration, custom animations, custom meshs and effects, for both, melee weapons (like swords, daggers, shields, spear, etc ) and projectile weapons (speel, shooter weapons, bow and arrows, etc).

Not forgetting, drag-and-drop action bar with countdown and a target system is very, very important! And if you can include save-game and checkpoints saving all game stats It will be even better!


Do you have a timetable for all of this? I.e. estimated release dates. . .

How much will this cost?

Well I am currently polishing up the stats and character creation part and i will probably submit it next week if everything goes according to plan.

Around 30ish dollars i think.

Oh nice will pick this up :slight_smile:

Any pics or videos ?

Very soon? I planned to release some last week but I wasn’t satisfied with how it looked so i did some polishing up. This weekend for sure though.

Some screenshots added. Interface and font are included,the dwarf image is not though, but other public domain similar images will be included instead but i did not get a chance to add them yet. Will add more as i polish them.

Hello Axell699,

Same here, if the problem are the animation and you cannot include them on the final package. Is ok, we can develop our own system, while the core mechanics are in place.

Also if you need help with procedural animations to the kit, I can definitively help.

Keep the good work!

PS: Dont charge 29,99; it is an amazing work should be rewarded properly.

Hey man,
Well you might be on to something there. I did purchase some animations for the system there and i will do some tests using them. Ofc i cannot redistribute them but if the tests i will run next week using them will be successful i might start working on the combat next. Still a ways to go but better than nothing. And i plan to charge 29.99 ish for the character stat thing alone, the combat set will be worth much much more if i manage to make it work as envisioned.

I think, would be cool to add a floating combat system more targeted and homing attack. Are a Save System able to save a binary compressed ZLib in a multiplayer or singleplayer scenario in the client machine? Is MMO ready, managing database in the server?

Seems promissing. I’m seriously considering buying it when released in Marketplace !!!

Only hope a good assistance from OP also! Because there are many good guys on the Marketplace, that I could like to consider my friends, who helped me in implementing in my project with the things purchased from there!!!



You worked with order66 in your RPG Sample Game?


Nope, why do you ask?