Leaving the atmosphere: any advice?

I’m thinking about how can I show in my game when a space ship leaves the planet: first it appears at the surface with the blue sky, clouds, the Sun. The ship going up, and the atmosphere changes to black and now you can see the stars. How can I do that?

I have thought to use two sky spheres and make a transition from one to another, but maybe I can use an actor. Sorry, I have no much idea about how to do it.

Search “from ants to outerspace”

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If I have understood correctly, the video is talking about a content that I can buy in the marketplace, isn’t it?

Thanks but I want to do it myself. I am learning and it would be more rewarding

Not really, the video shows you how to do it and what to expect along with some tricks that you are better off knowing before hand rather than discovering later…

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Sorry. Yes, you are right.

Finally, I have found what I was looking for: Sky Atmosphere | Unreal Engine Documentation

And, on this video they explain it very well: Exploring the depths of the new Sky & Atmosphere system | Unreal Engine - YouTube

@MostHost_LA Thanks a lot!

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