Large city map Level optimization (near/far/quads)

Hey Folks!

Coming to UE 4.27 from the Ark Dev Kit (which is a frankenstein mashup of UE from 2015). For the ADK we divided the world into quads and then layers for world composition. So you’d have A1_far with all your big meshes and then A1_near with all your foliage and small stuff.

I realize that UE4 now optimizes this stuff automatically, and world composition isn’t used, but in the modern world, do you still separate items into layers? And if so, do you organize it by space (like the quad system) or items (all trees on one layer)?

I totally couldn’t fin this info anywhere, so I appreciate any answers anyone has on level/layer optimization.


…back to creating my 3D version of D&D’s city of Waterdeep.

Did you get an answer to this question? How far are with your city project?