Landscape Material turning black after saving level

Hey guys,

I was creating some landscapes recently and I added my own landscape materials to it. One of them was an auto material that basically used 2 textures to paint in the more common stuff like grass and rocks depending on slope and that turned black as soon as I saved the level and only goes back to normal if I detach and re attach the material to it.

I thought it was an issues with the auto material but it isnt because I made a more simple landscape material after and the same issue continues. here are two pictures, before and after saving.

If anybody has any idea why this is happening you would be a massive help!

I have the same problem. After saving the landscape material turns black. I’m here to see if anyone knows the solution

This is not a definitive answer, because I haven’t seen your material node graphs, but here are some things to check:

  • Do you have anything in a higher-precedence layer that might be covering up your material?
  • Assuming these are weight blended layers, do you have anything painted on a layer? Sometimes the base layer isn’t rendered by default if there are paintable layers defined but none of them have anything on them.
  • In your node graph, try passing a solid color or a simple procedural pattern to the base color port on the output node.
  • Try making an empty default level without World Partition and with default lighting. Make a small empty landscape and apply your material to it, to see if you can reproduce the problem. This will help figure out if you have a level or project problem, or if you have a material problem, or if you have a landscape properties problem.

I think I now know why the material turns black. I had Nanite enabled in the Landscape, and when I deactivate it, it no longer causes problems. When I save, the material stays the same.