landscape lightmass problem T.T

Hello :slight_smile:

I have problem of landscape lighting T.T

here’s screen shot…

Alt + 3

Alt + 4

Alt + 5

Landscape detail & World setting

landscape size - 2033 x 2033
component - 8 x 8
section - 2 x 2
Quad - 127 x 127

Here’s problem…

The size of the different brightness of each square has the same size as the component…

Of course lightmass volume is set properly.

I can not find a way to solve this problem. T.T
I want to rent your wisdom. T.T

Please Help to solve this problem

Did you built the lightning?

yes…T.T build 4 times of preview to production … T.T

Hi Foxhead,

Couple of questions:

  • If you remove the material from the landscape and use a material that just has a White Color plugged into Base Color applied do you see the same results?
  • Do you have a lightmass importance volume in your scene around your landscape?



Hello Tim! :slight_smile:

of course lightmass importance volume Cover(around) Landscape :slight_smile:

Result is also the same with the ‘material-Just white Color’ to the landscape T.T

and… When I modify terrain to increase or decrease Additionally, the same problem occurs.

I hope you find a solution.:slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest in this issue. :):):slight_smile:

I was able to get this to happen with a blank setup using just the landscape settings you’ve got. I enclosed my landscape in a lightmass importance volume and saw the components being shaded similarly to your screenshots.

Although, I’m not exactly sure what I did to get rid of it, but I’ve gotten rid of it from my setup. I deleted the lightmass importance volume with my testing and built lighting. At this point I noticed the problem gone. I’ve not been able to get it back, even using my original setup and settings.

Can you maybe try to delete the LMI and build lighting and add it back and see if you’re still seeing the issue?

I’ll continue to look into when I can and see if I can get a more sustained repro. If you come across anything please let me know! :slight_smile:



Hello TIM! :slight_smile:

I tried to rebuild after deleting the Lightmass importance volume.

this is result… T.T

The problem still remains. T.T

I discovered new facts while doing the test again at the new level.

The problem did not occur when i build a world set to default.

But i have a problem after applying a world setting. inside this screenshot



I think whether there is a problem with my world setting.
But i don’t understand that world setting is causing these problems.

For the fundamental solution of the problems that occur along the boundary of the component, i want you to find out a little more please T.T

Thank you for using the time and effort for me.

I know that it is not easy, and I hope you find a solution to me :slight_smile:

Thank you TIM! :slight_smile: spend a good day! :):):slight_smile:

Same problem