Landscape hole still creates shadow

I’ve created a level (mountain using landscape tool ; tunnel into the mountain with static mesh and landscape hole material )

Lightmass seems to be ignoring that there is a hole in terrain and it renders shadows using nonexistent(or rather invisible) terrain as presented in pictures below.

Materials used for terrain and terrain hole are example materials from landscape demo.
What is the solution here ? Plz help

Hi murkymurmur,

I am actually seeing the exact opposite (even when landscape is present lighting shows through a mask and surrounding area. Which version of the editor are you currently using?

I’m using 4.4.1 and switching to newest 4.5 is right now to risky for me as the demo I prepared must work flawlessly by the next week.

Unfortunately I am not seeing this on my end. Do you have any reproduction steps that I can follow to recreate this on my end?

Hi murkymurmur,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information. Thank you!

I am experiencing a similar problem. I created a landscape, then another smaller landscape on top in order to shape the cave. The second landscape uses the same material but with a modification (as in the documentation) to make it transparent when using the invisibility tool.
All seemed great, the shadows and lights were showing perfectly, UNTIL I BUILT it. After building lighting, new static shadows were added even below the transparent parts of the landscape.

So my conclusion is that the problem is not with dynamic shadows, but with static baked shadows. Any ideas?

P.S. Check the attached image - after building I added a new rock to demonstrate how it gets light from the sun, however everything around it is in shadow because it has been built already. (basically the static shadow you see is shaped and falls exactly where the transparent landscape layer is located)

Hi dimitrov,

The mesh you are testing with, is it set to static, stationary, or movable?