Landscape color high reflection

Why my landscape material is reflecting so much? I put the roughness in 1.0, specular in 0 and metallic in 0 too and this continues.

Any tip to fix this problem?

Without uv map texture, roughness not working so much

i forgot to mention, all my materials are made with 3VConstant. They are literaly only color.

I’m trying to do some low poly scene but this reflection is anoying me :confused:

From my experience, when you are using big surface with one strong and bright color, it can affect other surfaces even without visible connection, for example in closed room. But it happens in editor, and after production rebuild (light or project) is much better of course. However using big surface with ‘color’ material, means not neutral like a white or gray, black - can cause problems. And back to shinning, this is more color reflection than light - I know, weird, but this also can be fixed with some uv texture. But firstly, rebuild your light and check how it looks in “game”.

Game design should be tricky always, so you will have to avoid some solutions, that’s looks easy, but they are not - like a one flat material for big areas.

And moreover - you can tweak your light bouncing, it can be reason too. Everything what cause light change, even fog, skylight etc, can be tweaked for better rendering result, but key is good prepared material.