Korath: The Witcher Saga Inspired Environment

Hey, sorry for double posting. Something went wrong with thread’s name last time. Thanks for pointing this out !

I wanted to share my first UE4 scene. Hope you like it.





Some breakdowns and more screenshots here: ://krzysztofteper/korath.html

I still have some shaders and unused content to clean up but I’d love to share the project with community.
Btw how’s certification process for Marketplace looks like at the moment?


Sorry for missing PMs. Please shoot me an email at contact@krzysztofteper if you have any questions.

dudeeeeee this is awessommemeeee and some really sweeet camera movements, seemed like some movie shot. Well done be proud!!!

This is truly amazing! How much time did it take you to create this environment?

That’s amazing! I especially like the landscape :slight_smile:

Awesome work! :eek: The landscape details are amazing.

Those final camera movements are simply awesome!

I wanna go play there, tell me when the game is ready to play hee hee!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

I built the current version in 2 months but learning Zbrush and Worldmachine from scratch took another 4 months before that. I logged my initial progress on the blog with first post here, looks funny now :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m planning to release it as an Oculus demo, will get my hands on HD version next month (hopefully) to do some tests!

That’s really impressive, great job!

Absolutely stunning work, great job. =)

Phenomenal work Tepcio! The landscape looked stunning. Can’t wait to see this with an Oculus. Keep up the great work.

That’s a stunning environment. Good luck on getting the new Oculus Dev kit!

This looks absolutely stunning.

Really lovely, love the smoke/cloud and windy stuff.

Saw this on the stream today and got reminded that I need to check the released projects way more often.

The scene looks really really awesome. Hope to see this on the marketplace whenever it comes around.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I was not even aware that it appeared on the stream. Epic was always great at supporting the community, keep it up guys!

Nice! Love to see a breakdown of it

are you using lpv in this scene

Wow! Amazing quality hear!

Would love to see a breakdown :wink:

You know, I’ve heard people saying ‘UE is no good for outdoor scenes’. I’m laughing so hard right now :smiley:

Hey guys! So unfortunately it was not possible to release it via marketplace but I’m sharing the project files anyway!

Download: https://docs.google/file/d/0B4xXOuAMpEh8WUY1eUlMdWUxSEk

It is performance heavy. I’d suggest running it on a strong hardware :slight_smile: