Korath: The Witcher Saga Inspired Environment

You are amazing. Cheers!

Very nice!

May I ask how you refine your terrain? Did you export from WM as height map and use that to displace your mesh in Zbrush?

Thanks guys!

I exported the mesh straight from WM (you can specify desired target tri in the output) but still made a decimation master pass in Zbrush afterwards.

but yeah you can import the heightmap to Zbrush if you want to do additional sculpting pass on it.

Very awesome! I’m curious, how much of landscape did you augment with Static Meshes, and what kinds of problems (if any) did you run into with shaders? Also, for those big sweeping shots, is that just the camera zoomed really far in and taken out a distance?


PS: I am working on my first official UE4 scene as well. It’s not as big as yours, but it is coming out real nicely so far, and I was curious about your to see if it could help me maybe.

effin amazing! wonderful landscape and nice camera. Thank you for sharing the files, I will download it when I have good Internet tonight and take a closer look at it. Gotta see that close up!

I bet EpicGames is going to put this on their Twitch.TV next week. Love the hard work put into great job man.

Hope you like it he says… LIKE IT?? Bit of an understatment :stuck_out_tongue:
Mate it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Very inspirational.

Been watching this for a while, didn’t know you were going to release it :slight_smile: Awesome work, always more fun to see how things were put together. Thanks.

Thinking out loud Hand sculpted mesh terrain is likely always going to look better, though I know runtime modification of landscapes is coming in the future.

They already on this on their live stream.

Any ideas how to fix it ?


My version is 4.2

Thanks everyone!

It’s compatible with 4.4. I had a few request to release it with 4/4.1 but it may corrupt a few things at this point, sorry :frowning:

Oh great , I was wondering what version it is using , good job on the scene :slight_smile:

That looks amazing, indeed! I pmed you regarding that scene :slight_smile:

nice work,thanks for sharing it :slight_smile: