Knowledge Base: Replicating Large Arrays and Data Sets

Article written by Alex K.
The replication system in Unreal Engine was built and optimized for relatively small amounts of real-time data required to maintain the simulation state of an action game. Unfortunately, this …

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With regard to the Steam network, can you then address or advise the issue when sending larger arrays and datasets, how to flush the socket?

Otherwise you are stuck only able to send <500k bytes 10x/sec and you blow out your connection. Increasing the size does nothing and further, seems to cause real issues with Steam notwithstanding the claim you can send up to 100MB in a single message!

I have had to resort to using RPC only sending 1 record at a time and only every 0.1 seconds. Fortunately, it does work, and fortunately I don’t usually have to update more than about 2-3MB at a time. But my players NEED to be able to transfer and download data resultant from game play.