Major (advanced) Network Socket Issues - at the end of the rope

Hello everyone!

So, I’m prepping for a 5/6 release and an issue I though was solved long ago, turns out to not be the case. It has been quite a while, but it appears that the issues outlined in my prior posts on the topic, are still present, stress testing reveals.

Here are the contents of my earlier posts:
It reply to: Replicating Large Arrays and Data Sets
and an initial question I asked, and incorrectly indicated as solved:
SteamSockets API - FlushNet()/LowLevelSend() does not seem to remove pending messages once processed

To summarize, I’m using the Steam Sockets plugin, because it allegedly allows for a 100+ MB single message to be sent.

This is actually not how it works, in practice. What happens, is that there is no obvious working way in which to flush a socket. I spent about 3 months scrounging for every scrap of info I could find on the topic of this, and not just with regard to UE. I also contacted Steam technical support, who provide no support with regard to their network system, because I’m using UE.

The way I solved it, was to just use built in blueprint RPCs. There seemed to be something that I couldn’t trace to in the engine code. My code was working properly and should have been flushing the socket.

So now, this is actually getting the same issue using the UE replication. So essentially, this is not just my problem, there is something happening or not happening else, i.e. Steam.

Nevertheless, it appears that this is simply going to be a known issue at the time of my release. I’m hoping someone here can point me to the correct direction in order to resolve this issue!