Kite & Lightning plugin not capturing Stereo Panoramic Correctly

Is Epic going to fix the movie capture plugin??

On both machines tested we cannot capture usable images.

We get images but they are blurry, unfocused, and none of the settings outlined on the blog or forums work correctly

I have attached the result of a default scene, please update on the fix for this plugin for stereo captures in UE4

Just ran into the same issues! Completely broken and I was counting on it to render out some 360 images of scenes I’ve spent the last two weeks creating.

When you open the generated images in Paint.Net or Photoshop - they’re half transparent PNGs that look bleached.

Hey supasaks-

Sadly, we are unable to offer support for third-party plugins. The Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture plugin is maintained by Kite & Lightning and would need to be updated by them. If you have questions about the support of this plugin, you can contact them at


Hi… you have to insert “SP.ForceAlpha 1” in your blueprint chain… Then the pictures look like in the editor… Hope this helps…

Hi - I am using versions 4.19 & 4.20.
I have the opposite problem - I want to export panoramic pngs with transparency but force.alpha at 1 or 0 makes no difference. The alpha channel renders black…any ideas ?