Kitbashing VR

This guy:

What do you think? Reality for lonelies and small teams. He’s working in Unity, but surely you could use this approach with all the cool assets Unreal has.

Yes, good point.

Hey thanks!

This is what I’m doing for the most part… but the UE4 marketplace is still in its infancy, and alot of assets are quite a bit more expensive.

Hello @breese45,

Awesome Video. I’ve fully incorporated the ‘Kitbash Methodology’ in all Areas at all Levels of our Rev-share Game development. From Blueprints, 3D Entities, Concept Art (Photobashing). I find myself kitbashing game’s Plot/Story (plotbashing, lorebashing, scriptbashing) for other stories. I’m using a real-time Kitbashing Methodology to create Pre-fab variations for Entities and Player customization. Kitbashing is the Future of Solo/Rev-share Game Dev.