Keep orientation after end of rootmotion montage during MoveTo behavior tree task

I am playing a rootmotion montage while running a behavior tree node MoveTo. I then stop the brain and during the blend out I set actor rotation then restart the brain in MoveTo task in the behavior tree. However, It causes the PathComponent to regain control and flips orientation even after I force set actor rotation. Where can I overrride and stop the path component from regaining control any help and I would be greatful.

Try to disable the Orient Rotation to Movement bool inside your CharacterMovementComponent.

I just tried that, sadly it didn’t work. I wonder if either its just using the original direction before I started playing the montage even though during the blend out I set actor rotation or it has something to do with the PathComponent from the MoveTo regaining control of the AI. However, if I play a looping run animation in the montage section he keeps his proper direction but he breaks the MoveTo path.

Maybe also check if inside of the CharacterMovementComponent “UseControllerDesieredRotation” and inside of the character “UseControllerRotaionYaw” are unchecked.

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Thank you for the response both are unchecked. I realized that even though in code it was set to false in the BP it was being set to true. Thanks for helping me out. Positive vibes !!!