January #UE4JAM Submission Thread

Download link:
Team: Bohrium
Members: Bohrium
Game name: Meow*

Youtube video:

Welcome to Interactivity: An Interactive Experience Exhibition by Aetheric Games.
Feel free to wander the museum and explore the interactive exhibits. But don’t go to that exhibit. You know the one. Don’t even think about it.

Aetheric Games is
MrBehemoth - design, art, scripting/coding, writing
Iolithie - additional design

Download AethericGames_Interactivity here.

NB: At the time of posting, it is still uploading, but it should be complete by the deadline… but it’s late and I have to go to bed.
UPDATE: Argh! My internet connection died during the night. It’s online now and ready to download. Hope it still counts for the jam, but if not it was a good experience anyway.

Game Title: Don’t Press the Buttons
Team: Pantheon Interactive
Members: Doug Wheeler

Download Updated Link:

Another chance to learn more about the engine and have some fun. The rules are simple: Don’t press the buttons!

*Link to a download of your game
Just me
Waterfate : The Real Watergate

Guys… he is here… to give us all a lecture how to efficiently use electricity and keeping your bills low. Don’t push the light button, Mr. BeeeMan will tell you the secrets to keep all lights off and saving tons of money from electricity bills. With his “power” he can change the future… to a “brighter” one where all of our children can live happily together. But he needs “supply” and that’s why we also need you! Join his adventures and experience an experience you’ve never… experienced!

Attention! Don’t spam the jump button, it will always spawn a new sound effect!

Team name: tuturuNinjinDesu
Members: Ninjin
Name of sub: tuturuNinjinDesu_EpicBoustacheMan

*Forgot to add the biggest KAPPA you can ever imagine :smiley: <3 <3 <3

Team Name: T-Dog

Game Name: Don’t Press Us Anymore

Victor Magalhães
Felipe Silva
Ygor Barbosa
Marino Galhardo
Carlos Cardozo

GameLink: Dropbox - Error


Game Title: DPTB
Team Name: Juicebox
Team Members: Phlux, Lillex
Name of Submission: Juicebox_DPTB

Link: DontPushTheButton - Google Drive (It’s currently 11:30 PM EST and the file is uploading to the shared folder in google drive so you may not see it right away xD)

Description: Things aren’t always what they seem.

Hexagon Holder

Download Link - Hexagon Holder (PC)
Teamname - PhaseState
List of Team Members - PhaseState(1)
Name of Submission - PhaseState_HexagonHolder

Description - Hexagon Holder is a 3D side scroller where you must escape an underground, hexagon-powered, facility.

Game Title: AI Showdown
Team Name: Retrobox
Team Members: Ryan Cain
Name of Submission: Retrobox_AIShowdown

First Game Jam Submission, A little story about a World Conquering AI vs an AI who just wants stop it. You must protect “The Button” Against an onslaught of Evil AI minions as Ikara, the good AI, attempts to hack her way through the network nodes of Oshara.

Download Game

Here’s our submission! Launch Code 0000, a game where you’re an under-qualified nuclear safety technician in a world on the brink of nuclear conflict. Clean messes! Fix stuff! Press a button that destroys everything!


House on the Hill

Download Link: Link #1
Team name : Crackpot Gumption
List of team members: jwainwright
Name of your submission: CrackpotGumption_HouseOnTheHill

House on the Hill is a first person puzzle adventure and a story of consequence.

I actually got some sleep this weekend, so I wasn’t able to do everything that I wanted to do with the game, but I hope you still find it enjoyable.

We are Rebecca and Julia, and we are SyncSmoke Studios!

Julia did all the art and I did all the programming. The design was made up by both of us.

Our game is called SyncSpin. You control the two inner circles and try to avoid making the balls hit the buttons. Download our game here!

We hope you enjoy our game! :slight_smile:

Game: Counterwill
Team: Marooney (Thomas Leitner)
Download Link: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

My second game jam. Another first game XD. Or like my Rolling Rockets music generator, just another tech test :slight_smile:
Since i like to fiddle around with framework things, i’m struggling with creating a full game. So i decided to put my gravity+movement+heartbeat (blueprint only) V0.0001 library into the next gamejam to get things done… here we go :slight_smile:
I spent most of the time swearing about simple math functions, so there is not that much of an gameplay than mechanics. hf :slight_smile:

Since this is an unusual combination of multi directional gravitation and 360 degrees of freedom:
Tip to enjoy this experience: Just use W+SHIFT and steer slightly with the mouse. Counter-roll with QE.
You well feel exactly like those smooth flying pawns :slight_smile:
For Gameplay it is good enough to speed circle through the level and just run into + shoot as many flying neurons before they reach the receptor.
Thx to Michael Allar for testing!

Download Link Here
Team Name: Lutra[SUP]2[/SUP]
Team Members: Patrick Chadbourne, Evan Conrad
Project Name: Lutra2_Scoped

Team Name: Team Amstrad
Game Name: Button Defense

Download: Dropbox - File Deleted

This was a solo project and aside from music it was built entirely using content available with the editor or free from the marketplace.
Also was built entirely using blueprints and the included FPS template.
One of my goals during this jam was to implement some of the things Jan Willem Nijman mentions in this talk: Jan Willem Nijman - Vlambeer - "The art of screenshake" at INDIGO Classes 2013 - YouTube

Game: Don’t Push the Button!
Team Name: Orion

Finn Connolly
George Hulm
Adrian Caithe
Camilla Thorsen
Tom Martyn

Sadly we were a bit over ambitious and didn’t have the time to implement everything we have made. However we are proud to say everything to see hear and play with was created from scratch and we will be updating the game with all the content ASAP.

We hope you enjoy and thank-you for playing.


Game Jam Submission - Don’t Push the Button - Oh Hi Mark - The Rooms

Team name: Oh Hi Mark
List of team members: Alan Jones - skyphyr and Christopher O’Beso - skullznboardz
Name of your submission: OhHiMark_TheRooms

With the first of hopefully many jam submissions, Oh Hi Mark presents, The Rooms. Initially a bit more ambitious title with a several characters, a small script and a fun dynamic puzzle, what you see here is what we able to get done during the jam session…the puzzle. Still had a great time building and learning the ins and outs of UE4.

Original Pitch:
You have the power! You can press the button! You want to press the button! But don’t do it! That would cause irreversible, life changing events for you and your 5 closest friends. You see, you are trapped! Trapped in a room. Your 5 Friends are trapped in rooms too! It’s just you, your friends and a button. But wait! Your friends have buttons too! They have the power as well! Or do they?

One of you has the power to save everyone from certain doom. Is it you? You must find out who it is and then convince them to press the button. But your friends have different ideas. Some don’t want to help, others can’t help, still others only care for themselves. Some friends, huh? Talk to your friends, move the rooms around and solve the puzzle. But remember, don’t press that button, until you know it’s the right one to press.

Puzzle Breakdown:
The puzzle is built around the idea of colors and their relationships to each other. There are hints in the game that tell you which order the rooms should be in. Once you have the rooms in the correct positions you can press the button. Or can you?

Keyboard and Mouse:
[INDENT]WASD - Moves Player
Left Click - Interaction
Xbox 360 Controller:
Left Joystick - Moves Player
A button - Interaction[/INDENT]



Game Title:
Pastry Party

**Team Name: **
Cyberblast Studios

Team Members:
Riuthamus - Lead Artist (pocket coder)
Cyberblastsoft - Lead Programmer
b0n3yard - Artist
iCompose - Lead Sound Engineer

Link to game:

Just finished this game, hott off the press. We had so many issues that this was a serious last minute build. I, the artist, was coding because of our github repo and git LFS issues… OMG!!!

Game Instructions:

  • Place gumdrops to slow down the gingerbread men
  • Survive as long as you can before they press the button
  • Push them out of bounds if you have to

Sound Track link:

Hey All!

Here’s my submission!


imgur gif album
static banner img

Team Name: 43K Studios
Team Members: jay43k

Featuring pixel graphics and a guitar soundtrack by yours truly.

An anarchist group called The Plague has decided to set off a nuclear weapon, as those types tend to do. Our hero Kate has been dispatched to cancel the launch, using her trusty box and hopes that the launch can be cancelled with a simple press of a button.

Had a ton of fun with this although Sunday came QUICK. I think my music/sfx and my level design could have been better. As my first Paper2D project in unreal (the first night i opened the 2D template for the first time) I was really happy with the 2D tools unreal offers.

Team Name: Snowzone Studios
Team Members: Isaac and Nick
Game Name: Snowzone Studios_System Check

Game Link:

*Note people on the ship are evacuating, that is why the No. of people on board is going down.