January #UE4JAM Submission Thread

Link To Download Game: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
Team Name: Ingenius Games For Gamers
Game Name: War Runner
Team Members: Dave, Aaron, and Garrett
Name of Submission: IngeniusGamesForGamers_WarRunner

Description: Find your balance between Peace and War. Gather dark tokens to push the big red button and go to war. However beware once you trigger the next World War, it won’t be just tokens to collect and dodge. Gather pulsing tokens to return or maintain a peaceful status. How many Wars can you survive?

This is our first Game Jam as a group! Thanks Epic Games for giving us this chance to create an fun little game for you guys and other Gamers to check out!

Have Fun!

A = Turn Left
D = Turn Right
P = Pause
ESC Key = Alternative Pause
Spacebar = Jump

Pst Jam updated build here:

Team name: Tremolo
Team members: Hum
Project Name: Tremolo_TickTickBoom

So here’s my first ever game jam entry. It turned out better than I thought it would so hope yall enjoy. High fives to all the other entries!

How to play: A blue button is highlighted at the start of the round. This button disarms the bomb terminal, there are 10 terminals.
The blue fades back to red as the buttons are shuffled. When the button shuffle ends click the button formally known as blue to disarm the bomb. Click any other button and BOOM!
And just incase it’s not clear, when a button travels off the board it imeadiately re-emerges at the opposite side.

download link: - Google Drive
team name: Owned Owls
Team members: Owninator and owl
name of the game:button battle.
notes: local multiplayer and only tested with 2 x360 controllers
controlls: P for menu left stick move. XYAB…

Game Title: Button Panic!
Team name: NoIdeaTeam
Team members:
Miguel (Pelaik)
Enrique (Dirionu)
Isidro José

Links to screenshots:

Link to game:
Win 32
Win 64

This is our first “finished” game on unreal, I hope you enjoy it.
You have to touch certain button colors but avoid touching others.
Buttons spawn on a non touchable zone, when they move thought a shower zone they get white and you have to remember what color they had to touch them.


I Am Button

Link: - Google Drive
Team Name: Kotany
Team Members: Druha, Bolotniy_lis
Name of Submission: Kotany_IAmButton

Have you ever played games in which you need to catch a button running on your screen?
Now it’s your chance to be that button! You will have to evade attacking cursors and complete objectives. Enjoy!

Hello Gamejammers and Staff,

Watching Grass Grow Studios proudly presents their very first release:


**The game is about you, yes, right! YOU! You’re at home and well, you want to go sleep. But you can’t do so for your girlfriend would keep you awake nagging away for another 6 hours if she returned without you having done the stuff she wants you to have done. Phew, women are the devil right? Just do what she wants you to do and you’ll get a good-nights rest. **
Hint towards the game: Use your environment, don’t push buttons, E to interact.

*This game is the very first “real” thing produced by two handsome guys called Chris & Daniel, entering as Watching Grass Grow Studios. While Chris has collected a fair share of experience within the area of modelling, coding and using the unreal engine, Daniel just started using blender and UE4. But through the help of Chris and an intense 3 days of hard modelling, he got used to it pretty fast.
99% of things in this game are modelled, cut and textured by hand. Very diligent, now callous hands. Our hands! It was partially fun, partially horror, partially jolly good times and partially the pure stress. We really got a hang of how to approach a project just with participating in the game jamwhen before we did not really have a clue. So thank you, Epic Games, for hosting this competition and we hope to participate in further competitions even stronger! Thank you also for building such a perfect piece of engine enabling a broad variety of individuals to realize their dream of becoming a game-designer. Thank you also for cutting out on that short-term profit you may have gained from selling UE4 via subscription and going for the long-term approach of profiting through user profits. We also want to thank our parents and god. *

Download the Game:


With the best of regards,

Daniel & Chris, Watching Grass Grow

//EDIT: Sadly a mistake was made in the creation of the game. I (Chris) thought the “print string” node would also give out the text in the compiled game. So nowyou do not really get any feedback on the things you do, but we hope you still enjoy the gane :slight_smile: you just have to think a little more and remember what you have already done :wink:

Game: Snooze You Lose
Team: Daniel Stokes (Badger)

In this game you control an alarm clock. You must prevent the snooze button from being pressed so that you will wake up on time. Flick your mouse to leap around dodging the half asleep arm! If the clock gets past 7:00 you will be late. If you last 5 “minutes” you will be on time.

Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
Name of submission: Hero of the Peole

Download link

It was updated to the latest version.

Don’t Push The Red Button

Don’t Push The Red Button

Sorry for the weak entry. I really didn’t know what to do this time around.

So! It’s a Simon Says-sorta game.

Read the monitor, click a button. That’s really all there is. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t spend more then a minute or 2 on this one.
It’s not much but I felt like submitting. So I did.

NOTE: Seems the compilation get corrupted, and the sprites representing other people dissapeared, I would like to correct it but it wont happen in time, its a shame but I will have to wait for the next jam. I am removing the link

Team/member: WoeAvatar

The Seer

You are an agent that can catch glimpses of the future, this time you have to save Tom from exploding himself with explosives. Classic point and click adventure game. Hope you like it

Link To Download Game: Dropbox - Error
Team Name: Warka
Game Name: Button of Death
Team Members: Cameron
Name of Submission: Warka_ButtonofDeath

Description: Control the ball as you try and collect all of the items throughout the map. You lose health per second so you need to get them all before you die. Pressing the button will reset your health however doing this causes you to take more damage per second!

W = Torque ball forward
A = Torque ball left
S = Torque ball backward
D = Torque ball right

ESC Key = Pause
Spacebar = Jump

Mouse to rotate camera

(works with xbox controller as well just need to click with mouse on menus)

Link to a download of your game:

Team name:
Spritehaven Games

List of team member(s):
Kevin (Shenku) Kroschel

Name of your submission:


An overly simple and short puzzle/trap game, you need to press buttons to open doors and advance through the levels. Pick the buttons carefully though, because some will kill poor innocent kittens (Simulated cardboard. No Cats were harmed in the making of this game…), and others will kill the player. Just don’t press the Red Button.

Wish I could have done more with it, such as adding in the other 5 levels I wanted to make, but I lost a day of development to a friend’s kid’s birthday party, so this’ll have to do…

Link To Download Game:
Team Name: TheCatsPajamasInteractive
Game Name: Trepidation
Team Members: Andrew911 and Warlord213
Name of Submission: TheCatsPajamasInteractive_Trepidation
Our Website:

Trepidation is a walking simulator that explores that boundaries of the human psyche. This existential abstract journey through the mind will show how the fluctuations in the brain experienced by everyday people can effect even the most mundane of tasks.

W = Forward
A = Left
S = Backward
D = Right

Mouse to look around

Download Link:

Team: Studio Vegaview

Bryce Maciel
Rachel Cronk
Zakar Keosayan


Two options
Two doors
Two switches

Pull the lever, and you’re free to leave this labyrinth.

Or there’s the button, and it’s strongly recommended that you don’t press it.

We can’t be held accountable for what you may discover if you choose to press the button and enter the maze. Even the NPC’s will tell you not to. But the other voices have something else planned for you, an adventure you’ll never forget (or understand).

Current build has no streaming volumes, so there might be a performance hit until I get home from work and fix up the bugs, but otherwise I’m forced to enter our submission early to make the deadline. Updates coming up asap.

Hope you enjoy!

Download Link: Dropbox - Error
Team Name: Phantom Studios
Members: Cameron Nicoll, Brayden Myers
Game: Space-ial Awareness

Mouse to look around
Left-Click objects to interact with them
M to pull up your instructions
Q to exit

Enjoy the randomness~
Team name: WeQuitShitNot
List of team members: Venci Nachev, Bartosz Kamiński, Adrian Martuneac
Name of submission: WeQuitShitNot - PunchTheButton

If your blue progres bar is 100% you can press SPACE and it change normal punch to SPECIAL PUNCH witch is K. O

Team name: Cartboard
List of team members: me
Name of submission: Cartboard - Destruction Preventer

Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

In order to defend your country you have to take the whole world hostage. Of course you don’t want to push the button, but in order to keep enemy armies away from your borders, you’ll have to make sure everyone else thinks otherwise.

There is no copyrighted music in the game anymore.

  • right click to switch hands
  • smoke your pipe to relief stress and reduce hand shake
  • move your hand as close to the button as possible without pressing it to fend off enemy armies
  • keep it up for as long as the music plays (around 5 minutes) to win the game

It’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve launched UE4 editor for the first real time this Thursday. Then again, it’s probably not.

“Interloper” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Bonus: “I swear it’s not a dancing simulator!”

Game Title: Parcel Bomb Panic
Team Name: DigiBotts (one man team)

Link: LINK TO GAME (content is under “removebomb”, should work fine though)

Description: You’re a wobbly robot car with a wobbly robot arm, and it’s your job to dispose of Some pretty volatile materials! It’s all physics based and so it’s pretty glitchy I’m afraid. Grab the bombs and get them to the chute without hitting the button. Pretty much everything can be grabbed so grab away. If you get stuck, press K.

First time entering so I’m not sure what’s ok and what isn’t, played it safe though didn’t use any music. Sorry if it’s a bit quiet!


Made some changes based on Allar’s marathon of a stream- It’s fairer now, but more challenging. Get it here


Team: SpaceDoggz

Members: Rob Beddall

Submission: SpaceDoggz_DontPush

Description: The longer you DON’T push the button the higher your score will go. If an enemy touches you, you die and score nothing. Avoid enemies for as long as possible before pressing the button to bank your winnings! $$$

cheers :slight_smile:

**Team Name: **Dealey
**Team Members: **Georgi Trenev
Game Name: The Decider

Description: In short, The Decider is a that puts players in the shoes of a person in control of a gate.
Coincidentally, opening or closing the gate can doom or save hundreds of lives…

There aren’t as many interactions as I hoped for, but it’s still something. Enjoy!
Controls: It’s all about the buttons, isn’t it? :wink:

Music is “Epic” by Bensound:

Download link: