Jagged/hard shadows on landscape

Hi! I have some issues with the lighting on my landscape:

As you can see, the tris appear weirdly lit, as if there was no smoothing?
The really weird thing about it is that the problem didn’t appear when I first started editing the landscape, it appeared when I reopened my UE project.
Here are my landscape settings:

I am also using the Landmass BP
Here is what another regualr landscape without LandmassBP looks like:

Let me know if you any clues! Thanks in advance.

What’s the error message in the top/left? It may be you have to increase your streaming buffer size. You can do that in a few ways, the easiest (for testing) is to enter a console command “r.Streaming.PoolSize x” where x can be something like 1200 or 1500 etc

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Hey thanks but it’s a ‘‘Lighting need to be rebuilt’’ message and building the lightning doesn’t change anything.

So I tried adding a Static Mesh and the same jagged shadow appears on it too:

It’s definetely a lighting/LOD issue and I tried boosting the lightmap resolution to no avail

I’ll keep looking and post a solution if I find one

Did you find a solution? I am having this problem now…

Hey not really XD I guess landscapes are just not meant to be seen up close and it looks best with a nicely textured material and foliage