I've been seeing this weird "Preview" watermark all over my game

I keep getting this thing all over my game and I don’t know how to get rid of it…

have you built your lighting? and do you have good light maps for your meshes? those are the two things that i can think of that cause that. to build the lighting click the build button near the top, it may take awhile to complete but its basically saving all the lighting and navigation information which will make your game run better and look better. you can decide which level to use for the lighting to speed up the process.

I’ve found it out actually, I just had to change my light source to “movable.” But thanks anyway!

facepalm. thats actually just kind of avoiding the issue. all you did was make the light dynamic so its not baked. now if its a light that will be moving then thats fine but it is was a light that is stationary in your level then you would be better off leaving it at static and building the lighting as it will give you better performance.