It's really inconvenient to use world outliner in UE4 or ue5

In Maya2018, pressing F key in the viewport will maximize the display of the model, but the outline view will not highlight automatically, unless you put the mouse in the outline view, and then press F key to highlight the position of the model,that is really convenient.

But in UE4 or UE5 EA,one problem always exists in the world outliner view , that is, when you click to select an asset in the viewport, the asset will be highlighted in the world outliner view, and the details panel will also be displayed correspondingly. But many times, for example, I just want to adjust the lighting environment in the scene all the time, and I may always be in the directional light, sky light and ExponentialHeightFog, post-processing volume switch back and forth, but sometimes I accidentally select an asset in the level, such as a stone, and then the world outliner view will explode and highlight this stone. At this time, it forces me to move up the drop-down bar of the world outliner view with the mouse, put all the folders away, open the lights folder, and then find my lights. This is really troublesome. Of course, I also know that all lights can be placed in the layers layer, but it’s not very convenient to switch back and forth. I hope you can refer to the design of maya2018, which is really convenient. Thank you.

check my video:

maya,在操作视图里按F键,会把模型最大化显示 ,但大纲视图不会自动凸显出来,除非你将鼠标放在大纲视图里,再按F键才会凸显模型的位置01


There is a cheap plugin on the marketplace to lock actors in place and make them not selectable.