Issue with Skylight (4.13.0)

I can’t seem to get 4.13.0 to render the skylight properly. It looks fine in preview window but when I deploy to iOS or use iOS ES2 preview, it omits the sky light altogether.

I have skylight set to Moveable, and so is my directional light. It worked in 4.12.5 like a charm, but now only the directional comes through in 4.13.0. I also tried using stationary, and static for skylight as well.

I have mobile HDR enabled, Static lighting, etc, etc enabled. I have attached the two different screenshots (4.12.5 & 4.13.0), and a 3 screenshot of my rendering settings.alt text

And great job with the new release, excited to try out VR features!

Here is working screenshot in iOS:(4.12.5)

Here is a bad screenshot it keeps omitting the skylight with (4.13.0):


Hi Apollo,

This actually was a deliberate change due to a bug where the skylight wasn’t being captured properly. You can see this happening in the level on your Gold Sphere where the second image is capturing the sky area more accurately. The trade-off here is that you need to use a properly reflection captures to get better results in your level.


Ultimately the dark side of all of my objects are really really dark. How would I go about putting a second lighting source for iOS ES2? What do you suggest?
Keep in mind it looks fine in preview and non iOS ES2, Is iOS blocking multiple light sources? I have tried a lot of different things to no avail.

Can you put together a test example and upload here. I’ll take a look and offer some suggestions.

I will upload project to dropbox and link it here. You can see the undesired effect on iOS ES2 shader preview. I appreciate your time and dedication to this.

I’ve managed to fix my own issues. The Light Maps in the World Settings Light Masses were missing. I also upped the storage to 2048 for max size of light texture. Now I have 28 Light Maps vs 0 before. Looks great in iOS ES2 preview and on device. See attached!

Also took some of the shaders that were still too not right, I adjusted the Specular and Roughness with Scalar Parameters.

Thanks for your help again!

hey ApolloSoftware

just one question dose Moveable skylight work on mobile i read somwhere that it dosen’t dose it work with you statianery or movebale???

i had it on 4.12.5, and it appeared to work fine. However on 4.13.0, only stationary & static are supported. From what I understand the only reason why skylight worked in previous versions is due to an error, which they’ve fixed. However on 4.12.5, it the mobile moving skylight appeared to work on iOS and Android both!

ApolloSoftware thanks :slight_smile: