Issue with seperation of lightmap

Hello, i have this issue with the light mapping on my meshes. I have this building consisting of many pieces, that imported as one fbx. The reason for this was so i could use the substance painter link in UE4, for the great convenience and time saver that provides. When i look at the mesh inside the editor, i can see that all the meshes are separated, with each their own uv set, however the lightmap has generated and collected the entire building on one uv set, which of course removes the option to control the density etc for each asset.

So my question is if anyone knows if i can generate new light maps for each asset somehow?
Hope someone can help!

Each object gets one lightmap, so if you have multiple objects in an FBX file and you want each to have their own lightmap then you need to uncheck Combine Meshes when you import to UE4.

Thanks for the reply! Problem is that it will be separated as well when i want to link the model to substance painter, then i would have to create individual substance files for each asset, instead of having them collected in one, with different texture sets. :slight_smile: