issue with only displaying one camera with asymmetrical game

I’m fairly new to unreal engine and I was wondering how to make it so that you can have a player in the first person perspective with a xbox controller show on screen, and have a VR player play also at the same time on the same machine, but not show the screen. I have an issue where I can’t even play as the controller player. I’m using the VR template, if I need to I can switch to a first person template and then add the VR pawn into that, but I need to find a solution soon because I’m on a tight deadline.

Hello Brysonian,

There was recently a training livestream that shows how this can be accomplished!

Oh I actually found that a while a go and it was major help. Thanks anyways! But I also have another question, as the player on computer, I am able to go through walls. I’ve tried collisions and I’ve tried the “block all” on the walls and same for the camera but so far nothing has worked. The camera can go through all the walls and blocks it wants. Any ideas?