Issue With Lighting: Lighting changes past a threshold

Hi there! I’m currently working on a dark night time level, and I’m running into an odd issue.

Here is an example of a straight hallway, I set up a line of lights to show what happens. The closer lights looks how I want it to look, but when it gets further down the hallway, the lights become brighter and blue, changing color makes no difference, and the intensity is the same with all lights. This happens anywhere that is past that point, and so that side of the whole map looks blue. Also, I tried changing all those lights to dynamic and that fixed the issue however that wasn’t optimal.

Hello Auriam,

To clarify you are using the lights in a long hallway and they are all set to static or movable. They are also not blue but white or yellow correct?

Have you tried adjusting the attenuation radius? This way the overlap only the light next to them. Does this happen in a clean blank project in 4.9 or does this only happen in this project?

After I have this information I will continue to investigate why your lights are changing color and becoming brighter.

Yes it’s a long hallway with static lights lined up, and they are white with a tiny bit of yellow. I actually tried changing them to a bright red just to see what happened and the light still shows as the same blue in the picture. I tried setting this up in a new map and it looked like it should. I tried adjusting the attenuation radius, unfortunately that didn’t fix anything.

If there is any more info or screenshots that you need let me know =)

Hello Auriam,

It is possible that you are exceeding your lighting cache when using these lights. I do not see why as there are not that many.

If you bring up your console command line by pressing the " ~ / ` " key and type in r.Cache.LightingCacheDimension 128 does this solve the issue?