Is this normal? Landscape Baking Textures?

I need help, please.

Workflow is stalled every time I make any change to the terrain the engine freezes up and bakes the landscape texture?.

Maybe some issues in the Landscapematerial?

I tested our landscape material out in various other builds and projects and it appears just fine. I even pulled very old builds from the depot and the problem persists.

We are at a complete loss as to what the issue is exactly. It’s not feasible to continue working with the engine hanging every time you make a small change to the terrain.

I find it odd I can’t even find info on the popup “Landscape baking textures”

Hi maybe I can help you narrow it down,

  1. when you apply a different landscape material does it still bake the textures or is this problem specific to the material?

  2. If I understand your comments right, this problem is specific to this project. So when you migrate the level with the problematic material over to a clean project does the problem still occur? If so

  3. When you only migrate the problematic material over to a clean project and apply it to a newly created landscape does the problem then still occur?

Ok, strange I don’t know why it does not show up. Different setup where assets where not shown in the content browser: [Bug] Some Files Not Showing in Editor - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums maybe you have the same problem as specified in the last comment.

  1. Do all other assets show up, especially those you have in the map that does not show up?

  2. This could take some time: So what you maybe could do as last resort is comparing all the plugins, project settings and editor preferences between your project and the project you’ve migrated into and activating them one by one in the migrated project (until it has the same settings as your project) and see if either your map shows up or the bug with the material returns, but I would check 1) first.

let’s see, so

  1. even created the most basic landscape mat and using a new one in the current project still causing the landscape to get baked.

  2. When I migrated the entire project to a clean project problem persisted. However, I just did what you suggested.

I migrated only the maps and the main part of the map didn’t show up in the clean project. The main map was split into Landscape Streaming Proxies that all load fine, in the new project. When I open one of the terrain map sections and paint there is no more baking.

However, the main terrain map is absent in the content browser.

  1. no it doesn’t have any issues outside of our project.

DefaultEngine.ini, Disabling Generate Landscape Real-Time GI Data.

@chrudimer thanks