Is there is way to Combine Absolute World Position with Parallex Occlusion Mapping ?

I am trying to develop a material that have Absolute World Position feature with adding the height map ,

or even adding Parallax Occlusion Mapping with this Material Function

It is possible, though from performance standpoint, is extremely impractical.

You would need to calculate parallax occlusion mapping 3 times, and additionally change offset direction based on if the projection is positive or negative. If you are new to shader authoring,it might be better to achieve something more simple at first.

Not to mention that question (probably by OP) was asked on the thread I made about my worldPos function, and I ended up not doing it because the POM mat-function is a clusterf… of inproper wiring and other stuff.

Yes there is a way, no its not worth my time unless I get paid :stuck_out_tongue: