Is there a way to take an object and make just it's shadows less expensive?

My game has minimal geometry except for some dynamically spawning blocks. The blocks create structures and the structures serve a purpose. But the dynamic shadows from these blocks cuts my frame rate down by a third! I’ve tested and have concluded it’s the shadows and not the geometry. I’ve tried many things but haven’t come across a solution so far. How can I take the blocks and make the shadows less expensive? Is there a way to set shadow distance for a specific object type/class?

have you tried this? if your computer have perfomance issues i recomend you to set everything to low, you can also make a menu to the player change the options himself.

I’ll play around with that, unfortunately the settings on some of these make the objects look weird. Would you know how I could simply change the max shadow cast distance for the block objects?

nope i don’t know, but you’re developing in a low end pc (i suppose), make a menu and give the player the option to change the graphics quality himself, so he can play in quality as good as his computer supports, you can also just disable the shadows (select the objects you want and just uncheck the “cast shadows” option) hope it helps

Thanks man. Also, do you know how I can get these options un-greyed-out?

I dont know =/