Is there a way to render multiple lightmaps and blend/animate between them?

Is there a way to render out multiple light-maps and animate/blend between them to get the following effect I did a mockup off in Photoshop



It may be a little late, but I’ve just finished multi-lightmap dynamic blending for UE4. (based on 4.9.2-release)

Just check it out:

Later on I’ll present detailed instructions about how to make use of it.

This looks really nice! I hope you put a pull request together soon.

Wow, amazing. Is it in 4.10.4 officially ? Or will it be in 4.11 official ?

If not, could you please make it into a mobile friendly plugin ?

Bumping this up due to 4.11 release…

I guess an unresolved problem of this plugin would be the cubemaps and the probes, right? There should be a way of switching those too. Otherwise you’ll have very inconsistent results.

Perhaps, but for now I’d be happy if the author made it into a plugin, so there wouldn’t be a need in rebuilding engine all the time. Plus 4.11 isn’t available either :frowning:

Does anyone have a copy of this before it went offline?

MLDB-4.9.2 is still available, but not under active development. MLDB-4.10.4 is better.

sounds great, the link provided above is not working. Do you have another means of taking a look at this MLDB project?